Pneu-Dart X-Caliber Gauged C02 Projector VIDEO

Pneu-Dart’s most recent innovation, the X-Caliber, has become the most attractive and practical  gas-based dart projector  ever built. Released in 2007, the X-Caliber has  become a favorite for those  seeking a versatile,  pressure-gauged full-volume dump, light weight projector  without sacrificing  range or accuracy. Here is a product video that illustrates X-Caliber’s many benefits.

X-Caliber YouTube Video

The X-Caliber’s  clean, unique  design possesses  a variety of features the industry has yet to experience.
* Located directly behind the urethane coated forearm  is our rotating power control engineered  to vary the muzzle velocity without  taking your eye off the target
* Constructed of machined aluminum  and coated with  a handsome, elements-resistant, satin finish, the X-Caliber  is the  best and most versatile of Pneu-Dart’s smooth bore projectors
* Protective gauge housing
* Spring-loaded rotating butt plate for quick loading

Benefits of the X-Caliber:
* Quiet (Virtually Silent)
* Dart ranges are the greatest and the most accurate in the history of the company
* ½ cc to 10 cc dart
* Most affordable on a per shot basis
* Barrels are 416R stainless steel with dichromate seal minimizing any bore residue.
* O-rings are rated from -40 to 400 F
* Lightweight at 8.69 lbs.

The X-Caliber ships with the following:
(1) Protective SKB hard-shell case.
(1) Sling with swivels
(1) 3.5 oz refillable C02 cylinder
(10) 12 gram disposable “powerlet” C02 cylinders
(1) 12gm. Quick Change powerlet adapter
(1) Pack of 1cc practice darts.
(1) Manual
(1) Pneu-Dart hat

The X-Caliber Power Control:
All of our projectors have adjustable power controls that makes for effective shooting at close range or sizable distance, even from the bird’s eye view of a helicopter. This allows for quiet propulsion and less trauma to the animal when properly applied — a real plus when immobilizing penned animals. The X-Caliber comes with pressure-gauged CO2 – apply or decrease CO2 pressure by rotating the Power Control Ring.


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