Pneu-Dart Helps Immobilize Boulder City Hemenway Park Bighorns

Boulder City, Nevada is located just a few miles from the grandeur of the Hoover Dam. Bighorn sheep that inhabit the river mountain ranges, which are completely surrounded by suburban development, have increasingly accessed a particular area of Boulder City called Hemenway Park. To reach the park these sheep regularly cross busy neighborhood streets and travel through private properties.

Bighorns that access the park 6 months out of the year live on an artificially high nutritional plane, which results in them being very productive, adding many lambs year after year to the herd. As a result, the sheep population that accesses Boulder City’s Hemenway Park has rapidly grown to 100+, which is far more than the park can accommodate.

Tasked with controlling the sheep’s population in Hemenway Park, Boulder City officials asked the Nevada Department of Wildlife to conduct a safe capture and relocation of a percentage of the bighorn population.

Pat Cummings, a biologist with the Nevada Department of Wildlife within the game division, assured city officials that the Pneu-Dart projectors his department uses are very safe. While Pat and his team are actively capturing bighorn sheep there are often children playing in the park.

In this VIDEO, Jake Kreamer, Nevada Game Warden, explains why he uses a Pneu-Dart projector for bighorn immobilization. “The Pneu-Dart projector is very easy to use. You load your normal 22 blanks in the bottom of the projector, slip your dart into the projector chamber and from that point on there is a dial that allows you to adjust the velocity of how far/fast the dart will project.”

The Nevada Department of Wildlife uses Pneu-Dart products for all their wild animal immobilizations throughout the State of Nevada for the following reasons:
1) affordable
2) no special maintenance needed/scheduled for the products
3) easy to use
4) extremely reliable

Jake would recommend Pneu-Dart to any agency or individual that has a purpose for immobilizing animals at distances. “I know my dart will hit wherever I aim. The darts fly true. I can’t remember a time when I’ve had one fail. It’s a very simple, cost effective, safe and reliable way of immobilizing wildlife.”


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