Pneu-Dart Company History: The Story of Us

In The Field With Pneu-Dart
The sun slowly rises over the ridge, illuminating the large landscape that displays itself beyond the hood of my vehicle. Scattered across the landscape approximately 3,000 head of cattle are on hand, peacefully grazing. Running a stocker cattle business is a full-time job that will stretch your time, resources, and bottom line dollar. Sipping hot morning coffee I make my way through the large plot of land. I scan the landscape for a cow I noticed last night looking lethargic and sluggish. I spot her ahead in the distance standing somewhat motionless.

After putting the old truck in park, I pause to finish my coffee before reaching into my medicine bag for the bottle of prescribed medication I received from my vet. Drawing the drug into the syringe, I grab my Pneu-Dart disposable 10cc dart from my dart caddy and insert the syringe needle into the cannula (needle) of the dart, filling it to capacity. No prep, no mess, my dart is ready. Peering out my door window, I judge the distance between myself and my target.

Note: Pneu-Dart, Inc. does not condone nor promote the extra-label use of veterinary pharmaceuticals unless on order and under supervision of a licensed veterinarian.

The cow appears to be 30 yards away amongst other heads. Grabbing my trusty Pneu-Dart Model 196 from the seat beside me, I breech the barrel and insert the dart into the projector. I set my power control so that I can be assured my dart will succeed. With one effortless motion I grab the bolt action, load the cartridge fired blank into the chamber and push the safety off. I raise my Pneu-Dart projector to my shooting position, aiming the barrel out the window at the cow and take my shot.

As I pull the trigger the dart flies with ease through the air in a slight arc, to minimize impact trauma, and hits my target. The 10cc dose of medication is injected upon impact. She jumps for a second, runs for a few steps but then pauses and settles back into a motionless stance. The dart remains in her hide thanks to the patented gelatin collar on the cannula, another indication that the drug dosage was effectively fully delivered.

Satisfied with the results and knowing that within a short period of time the dart will fall to the ground, I drive off to take care of my next task. Pneu-Dart equipment is accurate, reliable, cost effective and saves me time, making the process of doctoring animals easy with no stress on me or the animal.

Thousands upon thousands of success stories from the field are passed along to us by our customers. Here at Pneu-Dart, we have been assisting ranchers, rangers, veterinarians, zoologist, scientists, game wardens and many other professionals in the field since 1967. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have successfully provided them with remote drug delivery equipment that meets their daily needs and truly has positively impacted the way they go about their business. Our reliable products continue to save our customers valuable time and money.

The Last 10 Years
You might be wondering how we got here. The answer is: with your help. We have dedicated our business to meeting the needs of our customers. We provide products to a wide customer base. Each customer brings a unique perspective on how a product is used. Cattle ranchers primarily use our darts and projectors to doctor cattle in free-ranging landscapes. Zoologists and scientists use Pneu-Dart equipment to study animals and collect DNA. Game wardens and rangers use our products to relocate animals back to their natural environments. Throughout the years we have asked for your feedback with regard to the performance of our products and how they meet your changing needs. In the majority of cases Pneu-Dart customers commend us, saying the quality and life of the animal is preserved/left unharmed.

Pneu-Dart, Inc. was born in the majestic mountains of Central Pennsylvania in the village of Barbours. Founded in 1967, Pneu-Dart started as a small basement operation developing animal darting equipment for livestock and wild game industries. Our mission was based simply on the philosophy of giving the customer what it wants – and what works. We have enjoyed steady growth over the years due to invaluable feedback from ranchers and rangers.
Pneu-Dart, Inc. was born in the majestic mountains of Central Pennsylvania in the village of Barbours. Founded in 1967, Pneu-Dart started as a small basement operation developing animal darting equipment for livestock and wild game industries. Our mission was based simply on the philosophy of giving the customer what it wants – and what works. We have enjoyed steady growth over the years due to invaluable feedback from ranchers and rangers.

Over the last decade our company has grown to new heights. With that growth we have introduced new products to the market, refined and perfected previous products, and continue to strive to meet the needs of our customer base. During this time period we have had challenges meeting marketing demands for our products, but in the end our product line speaks for itself. While we have and continue to endure our growing pains, we are proud to say that our product line is manufactured entirely here in the U.S.A. as we continue to be dedicated to never sacrifice our high standards of quality for volume quantity. We appreciate your support through the years and endeavor to continue to provide you with our very best.

Research & Development
What makes Pneu-Dart darts and projectors so unique? Our development process always starts with listening to our customers. We ask: What do they need? How will our product help them? What value added benefit do we provide them each and every time they use our darts and projectors in the field? Research and development is the key!

Here at Pneu-Dart we have a team of engineers and machinists that conduct product development tests each and every day. Their goal is to develop a new product or even re-engineer an existing product to perform even better. We continue to strive to develop our product line to be accurate, reliable and effective. We design, develop, redevelop, test, and then test some more. Sometimes our ideas never see the light of day. Other times we are successful and make an immediate impact within the market.

Within the last decade we have completely overhauled our dart design. Modifying the cannula and ferral, enhancing the reliability of the ignition system within the darts, introduced the ploy-carbonate dart body. We have also redesigned the tail for better flight control and accuracy. To this day we continue making slight changes and adjustments to enhance and ensure our darts are dependable and ready to use right out of the box because we know you can’t afford to miss.

In addition to our darts, we have re-engineered our stable of projector models. Enhancements include muzzle velocity, modified power control settings and functions, the introduction of gauged CO2 systems and increased accuracy among many other additions and modifications. We have also introduced two new projector models, the X-Caliber and X-2. Gauged CO2 projectors made from machined aluminum provide our customers with extended dart shooting ranges and reliable delivery.

For each and every Pneu-Dart product we go through a series of processes and steps to do our best to ensure our products perform while our customers are out in the field. This is not just important to us, this is vital to our success, as much as it is to our customer.

Production Facility Enhancements
To meet the needs of our growing customer base, Pneu-Dart has expanded its product line while diversifying our means of production. In 2003 we had 5,000 sq. ft. In 2013 we increased our production facility to 20,000 sq. ft, providing us with the ability to make more products entirely in-house, while not losing sight of the quality! We have also expanded our personnel from 16 full-time employees in 2003, to 80+ employees today.

Equipment Enhancements
While increasing our production facility, we have now implemented more production equipment in-house. Additional CNC machines, Pneu-Dart designed automation equipment, along with a revised projector build and shipping work areas. All of these additions have allowed us to manufacture more products, while still being committed to quality and precision. For instance, we are currently manufacturing our 0.5cc, 1cc, and 1.5cc poly darts in-house. By doing so we have been able to increase our overall production of these darts and reduce our lead times delivering these darts to our customers.

Setting Our Sights on The Future
Currently we are in the process of expanding our polycarbonate line to include 2cc darts. Based on customer feedback, we are producing an upgraded line of transmitter darts with less overall weight and the same great transmission range. To provide more accuracy and a truer flight path, we’ve added a new tail design for all of our darts. Our packaging has improved too. Now darts come in a recloseable upon opening package, enabling customers to open their dart package, load the darts with a drug or medication, and then re-close it to take into the field. This makes it easier to use one dart at a time, without the others falling out.

Our website is constantly being improved to be the best possible resource for our customers. Some of our new goals are as follows:
– New overall look and feel (user interface)
– Company information
– Educational product material (i.e. how they work, best practices for using them, benefits, etc.)
– Focus on product support and documentation
– Updated video support library
– Articles on various dart and projector related topics
– Industry and customer profile features
– Social media tie-ins (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc)
– Links to articles on our blog

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